We invite you to a free audit of the potential of the production plant in the context of implementing a fleet of mobile robots

What will you find out?

  • What things are important when designing applications with mobile robots?
  • How to select the number of robots for a given application?
  • What type of robot will be optimal for your process?

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Register to a free audit of the potential of the production plant

Agenda of event - 10th December 2020


The benefits of mobile robots.


Assumptions and basic information about the application.


Simulation of robot work and calculation of cycle times.


Questions & Answers section.

Case Story of MiR in Whirlpool Corporation

The benefits of mobile robots

Find out why companies buy thousands of robots in recent years.

Roboty w prostych operacjach mogą pracować 24h / dobę

Robots in simple operations can work 24 hours

Lepsze wykorzystanie pracy ludzi

Better use of people's work

Wzrost wydajności

Increase in productivity

Szybki zwrot inwestycji ROI

Rapid ROI

Szeroki wachlarz zastosowań

A wide range of applications

Bezpieczeństwo na stanowisku pracy

Safety at the workplace


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